The lists of English words in this file are taken from an article published in 1910 in the American Journal of Insanity: “A study of association in insanity,” by G. H. Kent and A. J. Rosanoff. In each series of three, the first word is the stimulus induced by the conductor of the experiment that the article reports, the second belongs to “case 4752” and the third to “case 5183.” The voices are Lucy, Peter and Graham, from Natural Voices. | Las listas de palabras inglesas en este archivo están tomadas de cierto artículo publicado en 1910 en el American Journal of Insanity: “A study of association in insanity”, de G. H. Kent y A. J. Rosanoff. En cada serie de tres, la primera palabra es el estímulo inducido por quien conduce el experimento, la segunda le pertenece al “caso 4752” y la tercera al “caso 5183”. Las voces son de Lucy, Peter y Graham, de Natural Voices.


Table dark music sickness man deep soft eating mountain house black mutton comfort hand short fruit butterfly smooth command chair sweet whistle woman cold slow wish river white beautiful window rough citizen foot spider needle red sleep anger carpet girl hich working sour earth trouble soldier cabbage hard

Case 4752

Meadow black sweet dead mansion near sooner formble gair temble benched ranched bumble semble simber narrow Ben gum bramble low temper bensid hummery gunst bemper tip gumper Andes gimper hummer geep humper zuper gumper himper gumper moop rumble slamper hinker humper gumpip imper gumper humper guipper phar her

Case 5183

Muss gone caffa monk buy lesson ness pie Gus muss court beef ness koy ness dalb flack mess cork ness Bess toy girl cork mass vell mouth cast ness crow ratter zide malloy straw cast Roman scack gois noise call hort Kaffir romerscotters bell tramine gas cor kalbas

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